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Viacco Medical Travel - Hakkımızda

Turkey is the second country in the world in terms of number of hospitals. Turkey is one of the most preferred countries for treatment because of the amount of patient per a doctor is quite few. This rate also plays a significant role in development of new medical techniques every year and in delivering a quality health services for you.

People who want to be treated in Turkey prefer health tourism agencies to get trusted and high quality health services.

Viacco Medical Travel Team, is a health tourism agency that provides the treatment at the most advanced health centers to the patients who prefer Turkey for medical tourism.

İzmir-Konak based Viacco Medical Travel Team, is an establishment that originated travel agency.

In the field of tourism gives service to the patients with the name of Viacco Viaggi Tourism.

Izmir-based Viacco Medical Travel Health Services Team, the tourism industry for 25 years, said experience in the field of tourism in Viacco Viaggi Tourism (TÜRSAB license 8330) with the name of Turkey Travel Agency offers services to you, depending on the Union

Viacco Viaggi Tourism team has been serving as an incoming agency in the tourism sector since 1993, in the field of hotel reservations, holiday organization, sightseeing tours, translation and health tourism.

Our company that undertakes treatment organizations of hundreds of people each year in the field of health tourism, becomes a partner with patients in the process of treatment and improves its services with the Ministry of health and tourism's supports and instructions day by day.