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Medical Counselling

Do you want to be treated the disease in Turkey or documents you send us for any medical procedure you want to make a common information used by our doctors is displayed in the pool, take their opinions and shared with you about your treatment.

Our team chooses experienced and experienced doctors in the field where you can get the most accurate and best service regarding your complaints and expectations.

The treatment plan is created by conducting the necessary preliminary interview with the doctor you would prefer.

Viacco Medical Travel team is with you in all processes throughout your treatment, you all the necessary comfort for you to feel confident in Turkey.

Viacco Medical Travel, doesn’t any price for information about the treatment.

Although many doctors take comments in a common area, we take a big role in directing you to the most appropriate treatment.

Viacco Medical Travel, the first with the latest technology used in the health sector in Turkey have treated you in the most healthy way.