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Our News - Hair Transplantation in Turkey

Hair loss is a common problem on both women and men. The hair loss, may end up in hairlessness at later stages, arises due to the different reasons on different ages. It is a problem which has social and psychological effects.

Approximate 100 barbas' atrichia in hair growth cycle per a day is accepted as a normal by experts. However when the hair loss becomes noticeable, the hair transplantation may be started by the help of experts.

The hair transplantation is executed successfully by experts in Turkey. There should be a physician along with medical team, too during hair transplantation operations in which there is a huge development is observed in the recent 10 years. Also, there must be sure that the physician is executed the operation.

Even though it is known with its succesful results, when you think to get the hair transplantation done in Turkey, you should go through a process. Especially even if the people whose discomfort is derived from hormones, metabolism or genes try to drug theraphy on hair loss, the result does not change.

The hair transplantation is executed succesfully in 5 steps in Turkey.

First Step : Decision Making

At first, you should decide the hair transplantation on right time. In case in decision making process you should get information about the hair transplantation with searching in details. Also hair analysis made by hair care specialist helps you to get information about your hair.

Second Step : Choice of Physician

Choice of physcian is one of the most important points for people who decide to have the hair transplantation in Turkey. You need to be aware of the physician has warrant given by Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health, whether the physician will join the operation or not and the physician is expert.

Third Step : Appointment

The factors like person's hair structure, the shape and degree of hair loss, the quality of the donor area provides more clear and healthy diagnosis about your hair's situation on meetings with your physician. Also after examinations on this step, the number of grafts transplanted and one of the hair transplantation methods may be decided. There are 2 hair transplantation methods as FUE and FUT. The method of placement hair follicles on hairless areas taken one by one with private triple micro motors under local anasthesia is called FUE. In case different methods are applied on FUT method.

Furthermore, if it is decided by the operation method in which you need to be aware of discontinue the medications which you take before operation with notfying your physician, stop the consumption of smoking, alcohol and caffeinated beverages, enter in operation with light refreshments and pay attention to the details to be determined by the doctor.

Fourth Step : Operation

The hair transplantation operations should be executed at places where the surgical conditions are available like hospitals and medical centers. Processes like planning on areas where will done the hair transplantation, narcotization of donor region with local anasthesia, taking grafts with FUE method, preparation of transplanted grafts, graft counting, canalization on the hair transplantation, narcotization of the area where will be transplanted with local anasthesia, canalization methods, tranplantion of hair follicles should be done in order and carefully by the physician with his/her resident team.

Fifth Step : Points should be considered after operation

There should not be driven within the first 12 hours, the hair should not be washed within the first 3 hours, the drugs should be taken on time and regularly, there should be kept away from alcohol within the first week and there should be kept away from the tiring activities within the first 10 days.

Treatment in Turkey

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