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Our News - History of Health Tourism

Health tourism

Traveling to other countries for health purposes is called health tourism. Health tourism is not called as tourism type for hospitals and therapy centers. It should be noted that all kinds of health services offering health facilities can be used for health tourism purposes. Health tourism is divided into three; Turkish tourism, which consists of health tourists who come for treatment or surgery purposes in hospitals, to come to rest in thermal hotels and rehabilitation centers and to take advantage of the sources of these thermal tourism and finally to come to the plateaus in order to stay long term with the geriatric treatment center and various social activities. It is an old and disabled type of tourism which is formed by tourists.

The main reasons of health tourism

People who have suffered from a technology that does not have their own country can travel to another country in order to take advantage of health opportunities in other countries.

Patients can also travel to another country in order to have a holiday while being treated.

They may prefer to go to another country for surgery if they are not allowed to undergo surgery or aesthetic surgery for some reason in the country of residence.

Tourism mobility may be preferred by countries with more cultural richness due to climate and geographic not being suitable for holidays. In general, thermal tourism may want to travel to another country where it has more opportunities.

Continuous (chronic) patients can be treated in another country on the wish of the handicapped and the elderly to be treated in another environment

Persons with substance addictions may wish to be included in countries where people are in a more appropriate environment and in the people who have old memories

One of the main reasons is the kind of tourism which is carried out to get the health of better facilities if there is another country which provides better service than the country where it is located.

About the Incoming Patients for Health Tourism in Turkey

The number of patients coming for treatment from a pretty good spot from Turkey to foreign countries in the health sector are quite high in general neurosurgeon Oncology revenues to be treated in branches such as dental cardiology plastic surgery and eye diseases. Our country is more like Germany Netherlands France Turkish Republics visit health tourism from Austria and Middle East countries.

While 92 percent of the foreign tourists prefer to be examined in private hospitals, 8 percent prefer to be treated in public hospitals.

The increase in the quality of life with the proliferation of the world population Due to the more expensive health services in other countries, the provision of better quality and economic health services has led to the formation of countries and the proliferation of the age of the world has created this sector.

Main Issues of Health Tourism

Health care and social activities for the purpose of changing the country to rest and enjoy the health of all of the services they provide health tourism is giving. Health tourists prefer the environment and institutions that are much better than the countries in which they are located, and will not endanger their health in any way. However, in order to see the natural beauties and to visit the tourism regions in our country even though there are no patients, the tourists can become so-called health tourists with their health care services.

Health tourism and its own country or the tourist itself can be a center to apply as well as the environment where the tourist and the environment is healthy and one of the issues to be considered.

Major Problems in Health Care in Foreign Countries

European Union countries do not have a common health system or a common health policy, but each country has a health care perception that respects the health rights of patients and meets their own conditions. In these countries, general taxes or health insurances and health services are priced. Health care in European countries is extremely high quality but very expensive. The expectations of the society are at a high level. Because the living standards are very high, the elderly population in the group is quite large. As a result of this situation, the need for health services is increasing.

What is Health Tourism?

Health tourism: travels for the purpose of providing benefits to various illnesses in order to relax people for physical and psychological reasons. It is caused by people due to various reasons such as air, water, soil, noise and environmental pollution caused by excessive urbanization and industrialization, and they are in different cl Due to the air pollution in large cities, people live in different clean climates, some of which are good for some heart and respiratory diseases because of the need for fresh air. It is a form of tourism which is developed both for treatment purpose and for meeting holiday needs. Imates and they are physically and spiritually resting within a certain period of time.

Healt Tourism in Ancient Times

As a result of alives on civilizations living in ancient times, it has been observed that they have a history that goes back a few thousand years in terms of religion and health. It is determined that many ancient civilizations have holy temple baths and spas and benefit from them.

The health facilities built by the Sumerians around the hot springs are the oldest known sites. There were many large temples in the pools flowing water in these facilities.

Today in Switzerland The hill tribes known as Moris realized that in the bronze period of iron-rich minerals, bathing and drinking water were beneficial for health. They used bronze cups for drinking water. These containers were found in states like France and Germany. This may be indicative of health tourism among states.

The first civilization that laid the foundations of history tourism was ancient Greeks. This temple, where they built Asclepion Temples in honor of Asklepio, known as the god of medicine, became the first health center in the world.

In the Greek region, different temples were built for treatment purposes. The most famous of them was the temple known as Epidaurus. The temple offered services such as thermal baths, gymnasiums, a snake farm and a temple of dreams. The temple of Zeus, located in Olympos, is also one of the temples of the ancient period.

Even 5000 years ago, those who wanted to benefit from alternative medicine treatment would visit India. In India, ayurvedic and yoga began to develop health tourism with the spread of medical methods.

Health Tourism in the Middle Ages

After the Roman Empire, Asia continued to maintain its place in the health tourism. The temples began to replace the hospitals that applied clinical treatment. In Japan, mineral resources known as onsen in the Middle Ages became widespread because of their therapeutic properties. Warrior cabinets realized these and went to these water resources for treatment after the war. In some Muslim civilizations, they established health centers to serve local and foreigners. They established the most advanced and largest Mansuri Hospital of 8000 capacity time, which will serve the whole world regardless of religion, language and race. This hospital is located in Cairo.

Health Tourism in the Ottoman Empire and Before

Before Islam, religious beliefs and health and medicine have a unique place in the life style of Muslims living in Central Asia. The Turks gathered those interested in treatment in two groups. The first of these is religious and magical treatments. Some of which existed before the Turkish Republic of Turkey states in the spread of Islam also feature has been the emphasis on preventive health care and cleanliness that they remove health in focus in the foreground. In the Great Seljuks, classical medicine gained value and became widespread. The Anatolian beyliks, which were established after the collapse of the Great Seljuks, also built new ones as they embraced the hot springs and hospitals of the Seljuks.

Health Tourism in Turkey

Health is the indispensable basic need and right of people. Each country meets a number of needs for the health of its citizens. Hospitals provide many needs such as health insurances, there are also some alternative treatment ways for the citizens of countries, as well as the spas. The geographical structure of our country is suitable for such alternative treatment methods. In order to solve the health problems in our country, the treatment of the tourists coming to the health tourism at the same time while the purpose of all kinds of manpower, physical, technology and legislation has to develop services for legislation. The most important economic dimension of the countries is the low level of mass tourism. However, the level of individual spending in the types of tourism that appeal to special market segments is very high. The reason for this is that those who participate in this kind of tourism are the people with high spending potential and wealth. The most important of these is medical (medical) and health tourism.

Turkey's advantages in health tourism;

• High quality of equipment and infrastructure in hospitals,

• Our doctors and service team are people who meet the standards of western countries,

• The price difference to which it is presented is more suitable than other countries,

• There is no travel disability due to long-term transportation and variable climate due to the geography it is located in,

• Having high standards in the tourism sector and foreign-language personnel,

• Ilica, cave, sea, climate. Turkey within the scope of the application of medicinal plants and tourism such as spas located natural treatments have a lot of potential,

• Combining medical health with other healthcare methods to become a common species,

• The point where the health transformation and health system comes from the program,

Health institutions can compete with the World Health Institutions,

• Being the second in the world with 39 accredited hospitals,

• The seventh place among the European countries in the first world with the geothermal fields and the wide range of thermal resources,

• The location where Turkey is located, geographical situation and climatic conditions,

• Having the youngest population in the world (important for staff to serve)

• Elderly care and hospitality,

50% of the transportation costs of visitors coming to Turkey for treatment are met by the Republic of Turkey.