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Vision and Mision

Viacco Medical Travel - Vizyon/Misyon


  • Producing quick and professional solutions to patients' all organisations before and after treatment
  • Giving quality health services to the whole humanity
  • Becoming pioneer in being preferred health centers with high technology devices
  • Respond patients' necessities sufficiently during their treatment process
  • Providing a process which is comfortable and compatible with patients' rights to the patients during treatment
  • Taking precautions for potential problems of patients
  • Leading patients to reach their countries in safety

  • Vision

  • Achieving the condition of the most active tourism agency to reach Turkey's health tourism goals of 2023
  • Becoming among the numbered agencies which undertake the promotion of health tourism of Turkey in internet environment
  • Becoming a reference company in health tourism, combining the strength taken from A+ hospitals with ethical stance and Turkish hospitality